Trivikram Meditation Hall

The ‘Trivikram Meditation Hall’ or the ‘Sadguru Prayer Hall’ is a prayer/meditation hall that offers peace and stability to all those who visit the place. Here, one can meditate upon the Swayambhagwan Trivikram. Also, one can offer Tulsipatra, Bilwapatra and flowers brought by them to the Swayambhagwan.

Furthermore, information regarding the Swayambhagwan Trivikram is available for reading at all such halls. A person may also chant any jap, do some spiritual reading or write the Ramnaam book sitting here. Udi too is available for everyone to apply.

A Shraddhavan can even take a vow (navas) at a hall in keeping with the principles of ‘Yadnyena, Danen, Tapasa’ as mentioned in the ‘Shreemad Purushartha Grantharaj’.

Moreover, three months after the establishment of a Trivikram Meditation Hall, the Trivikram linga will be installed there. Shraddhavans can perform abhishek on the Linga.

Trivikram Meditation Hall is open to all from around 8 in the morning till 9 at night. Every day, aarti is performed by Shraddhavan sevaks. It features chanting of Mangalacharan, Shree Gurukshetram Mantra, Sadguru Aarti, 18 Promises of the Swayambhagwan Trivikram, sovereign Mantragajar of the Swayambhagwan Trivikram.

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